Imeunsu 'figure skating rising stars' first championship fourth place

The penalty point exceeded imeunsu smoke shame.

Imeunsu(16 Hangangjung)He has finished fourth at the Four Continents Championships for the first time played.

8One imeunsu is open from 2018 to 2019 the International Skating Union in Anaheim, Calif. Four Continents Championships technology scores 38.58 points in the short program, Single, Received 69.14 points esul scores 31.56 points deducted one point in it ranked fourth overall among 22 people.

1Above, the United States Brady tenel 7.91 points, 2Japan's Kaori Sakamoto above 73.36 points, 3Above the US level Maia indeyo 70.02 points

12-3 players and above all the imeunsu sunwigwon're also imeunsu the Seventh them as free skate Results 9 to be held within five points with astigmatism may have been gathered in anticipation medal chances.

When imeunsu is awarded a medal in this tournament after Kim doeneundeyo The medal was the only South Korea

4It is the players rose to the podium Korea Kim is the only 2009 in the Continental Championships.

The score was imeunsu penalty received in the past year on the 11th Japanese Hiromi opened four ISU Senior Grand Prix, the fifth round of individual competition Peak smoke timeouts 69.78 points was it not in the scores 0.64 points on one moment to be desired.

Imeunsu neundeyo pyeolchyeot is a perfect fit to a mistake not smoke 'Somewhere in Time' by John Barry

The first triple lutz jump, To spoof a triple toe jump combination to start flying camel spins and step sequences in all levels 4 After received the triple determination teulrip, Double axel digest also makes no mistake.

Meanwhile, I'm imeunsu is attracting attention as the next generation of figure skating star Kim Yu-na of fall back

2003Saint Feb. 26 years imeunsu the tournament woman age of the youngest athletes singles.


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