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The Lunar New Year holiday period, is also exempted from the highway toll is just as Thanksgiving.

Ministry of Transportation and the Korea Highway Corporation has announced that neundeyo exempt from the motorway toll from April 6 until the last day of the holiday one day

Highway tolls are exempt from this period is the financial highway managed by the Korea Highway Corporation, Incheon International Airport Expressway, And it will include 18 private dog Freeway.

Highway toll exemptions

It's not that special procedures required to get the highway toll exemptions

If you use a regular car and pulled out a passport submitted to destination toll to use a high pass, insert the card into the terminal, you pass on the power to the state kyeodun.

I'd say the government and the Korea Highway Corporation conducted a special management in highway toll exemptions transition zone

Highway toll exemptions

Of 3 pm 11 am Highway tolls starting exempt yesterday emitter has the 4th 1:00 am until and toll exemption the end of the 6 pm 11 am next day, the 7th at 1 AM till us and highway safety in the vicinity of the interchange is achieved focus.

The third Kyung, Toll road that Seosuwon ~ Uiwang, including local management is carried ot the autonomous highway toll exemptions, depending on local conditions, he adds drove me to check before using bean curd Exemption.

In this period seolyeonhyu highway driving crackdown yamche doeneundeyo strengthen

Until the end of the 6th seolyeonhyu committed to Lava patrol drones 21 and 10 on the highway it is congested sections make special traffic regulation.

Highway toll exemptions

Also, I'd like that added up to a helicopter for the police

With its central location, rest areas and major traffic junctions such as drones over 10m that 10 car highway rest stops and junctions focus will crack down on violations such as driving and shoulder lanes.

Highway toll exemptions

In point of camp, Haman, Junjeon, Giheung, Anseong, Nostalgia, Entrance, Yeosan rest area and Datong, Yeoju, Phalaenopsis, Dangjin,Kumho, Gimcheon Junction 14 where such a.

Lava Highway Patrol has eight cervical gel, 7 in Seoul, Honam Expressway Yangyang, Southern, 6 price will be added to the West Coast Highway.

9For passenger vehicles more than I'm able to run a private road only take six or more vehicles that are keeping them in mind is that the crackdown on Lava Patrol


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