Son Heung-Min weekly pay 250 million won girlfriend grab heart above one Prince Charming Who?

"Billion" sounds Son Heung-Min weekly Spurs the team rankings?

Sonheung people - has become a focus of interest in the ever-class wages.

Reksen the Christian English Premier League(Tottenham Hotspur)This fellow catapult the team interested in working and Son Heung-Min collected weekly from the same source reported that the Delle Ali level of wages As deongdalah

Son Heung-Min has been active in the Tottenham Hotspur FC in the English Premier League salaries 7,280,000 lbs (Approximately 10,282,000,000 won, Hanwha) The wage bill is 140,000 lbs(Approximately 197 million won) is.

Son Heung-min

This is known as neundeyo reports estimate the wages of the players Tottenham last November, the British HITC to the 'Sports Track, covering the salaries of professional athletes Source

Sonheung citizens' wages is 200,000 lbs(2Billion 80 million won)Kane continued to receive a high amount as the team was known as the second.

If they are indeyo weekly income earned in a week

Son Heung-min

Attend an earned 197 million won in a week I really like the sound of that clause billion I.

Sonheung Min's wages will amount to buy one house in Gangnam, collect ten thousand and two months

But real wages the Son Heung-Min even said 197 million won cash tax agency after this that the actual cash receipts Maybe this is a little less awful than the level.

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-Min's all I'm giving this season, ranking points and assists in the Premier League with a surprising ability, so the 'TOP 10'

If a move to another team haneungunyo that the ransom can rise up to 90.4 million euros Hanwha approximately 119.4 billion won

Especially notorious Son Heung-Min with good natured I'd always boyigon single beolgeul smile when caught on camera

Son Heung-min

100The good-looking one hundred million salary good nature to whether the Republic of Korea Son Heung-Min Prince Charming 1 ranked players.

Son Heung-Min girlfriend who I really wonder whether indeed

Son Heung-Min catch a woman captive sonheung citizens' mind a friend He is probably Maybe minute saved the universe.

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