Lee Seung Gi can not be controversial subject like subject qualified batgodo

To deprive sbs Entertainment Awards eligibility controversy Give Baek Jong-Won to national petition

2018 Deprived target to qualify for the controversy sbs Lee Seung Gi Entertainment Awards Awards has emerged to give citizens a petition that Baek Jong-Won.

28 days sbs entertainment destination proceeds would put

Day entertainment including Lee Seung Gi candidate has received the target Baek Jong-Won, Yoo Jae Suk, Registered as a candidate in Shin would put

Lee Seung Gi target

In fact, viewers watching the broadcast I put you expect Baek Jong-Won has gained great popularity in the Alley restaurant will be the grand prize winner

However, the actual target as deacons integral part'm Lee Seung Gi is showing the reaction let the wonder that Prime Minister

Lee Seung Gi target

In particular, the presidential national petition'm eye-catching appearance to appeal to the people dont deprive Lee Seung Gi target

Deprived of Lee Seung Gi Lee Seung Gi Baek Jong-Won subject to a petition that need to target the relevant petition is the situation going to continue increasing.

Lee Seung Gi target

A petitioner “Baek Jong-Won's got everything gave revive the arts and down under me, just do not say it's dead.” Innovation “Baek Jong-Won's changed in me” Said that

Another petitioner “Baek Jong-Won and give to the Entertainment Awards”Innovation “As well as receiving recognition from the arts animated commercial Alley. Merit was the strategy of choice for commercial salrineunde economy”Argued that.

Lee Seung Gi target

Another petitioner “All thought will receive a one hundred kinds. Because customers gwakjeok indicators such programs topicality rating is Lee Seung Gi was overwhelmed”Innovation “It is not at all fair”Argued that.

The other petitioner sbs Entertainment Awards' operation’ I'm claiming that the award to


This is not about sbs naenotji no entry.

In the program the most important audience of viewers indeyo

Lee Seung Gi target

If it is the future of entertainment is not subject their own festivals geotinde to be in the audience listens the voice of John

It looks to be impossible that have already stripped a payment target next year, expect to see the changed SBS Entertainment Awards.


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