Introducing the next generation of dedicated fans bakseojin 95 Years Old trot prince

Songs like bakseojin adoring fans appeared bakseojin attention

29The broadcast kbs1tv the "favorite song"

Bakseojin adoring fans will be a topic to emerge.

One minute appeared bakseojin adoring fans at Wednesday's broadcast is Lee Sook-ja and mother-daughter janghyeonsuk indeyo


Mr. janghyeonsuk is

“My mother is the daughter of Lee Sook-ja, who is more like a child than bakseojin”Called

We introduced ourselves.


In particular, the day Mr. Lee Sook-ja has also appeared wearing a hooded bakseojin is written.

Mr. Lee Sook-ja is “Last year saw the first morning when we find Madame Singer's win”Said

“It has registered on the fan cafe”Haetneundeyo say

He said after the show went to see all of your adoring public has bakseojin bakseojin paenim.

Also Wednesday bakseojin was also a cheer through video letters.


Who bakseojin?

Bakseojin's last album, 2013 Born in 1995 in the 'dream'

Indeyo debuted a trot singer

After steadily released the album, and also the activities.


Especially bakseojin is singing hitting equipment

Performance has received a lot of love into a humorous stage presence.

Bakseojin is a next generation Prince trot linking Park Hyun-bin

I'm attracted attention

This year 'Dad', He released "Push Push" and continued active.


Video Star bakseojin

Last September, Jang unforgettable appearances in the Video Star

Benefactor said to have received an attention.

Bakseojin is difficult childhood family matters

Even preached syeotdago not even good parents' health.


This is not a difficult matter I'd like to send Jang gave a large sum of money to bakseojin

At the time it was bakseojin signed an edge in the broadcast and Jang

After the broadcast the account number from the program author

The call came asking after hanging said that large sums are deposited in the name of Jang.


Bakseojin is “Jang minutes thanks to the seniors he not like a lot of parents, health”Said

I also convey the gratitude to Jang.


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