Jeontaegwan death of legendary drum language can not see the stage again

Jeontaegwan first wife sharply deteriorating health after spending memorial music wave

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter jeontaegwan has passed away at the end of battle with cancer.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter is haetneundeyo ago that jeontaegwan the past 27 days He was 57 vertical died through blog
Jeontaegwan will not prevail against the illness came last night after battling kidney cancer six years preached that thrashed the quiet breath of seeing their families watched.

Jeontaegwan death

1962May 16 jeontaegwan year student has graduated from Sogang University School of Business Administration through the sinilgo and debuted in the music industry as "Kim, Hyun - Sik of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... 'by Kim, Hyun - Sik 故 the band formed in 1986 with Kim, Jong - Jin.

Jeontaegwan death
Since we reorganized into two-man teams in 1988 one out regular house "People look at all byeonhana ', "What objection dream ', "Not gears in my arms', Remove the diary of '10 years', outsider', Leaving a number of hit songs such as "Bravo My Life" received a lot of love.

Jeontaegwan death
Republic of Korea was also listed three albums in 100 Alum jeontaegwan also released a live album of the nation's first largest was awarded the Daily Sports Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disk Target Achievement 2018 1992.

Jeontaegwan death
2012Haetneundeyo first year surprised everyone electrolytic As the battle against cancer news

Jeontaegwan death
2014Years after placing the sticks and has served as the entertainment was also broadcast over the division of talent as an educator to train huhak.

The shoulder bone cancer after surgery that tteoeo received one kidney with kidney cancer and brain, scalp, spine, As it spread to pelvic ceased to provisional.

Jeontaegwan death

30Year jeontaegwan activities in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter member, was the pride of Korea pop eotneundeyo disadvantage language of the legendary drum
The public course is the drummer who had the greatest respect and love for many musicians.

Jeontaegwan the news of his death approaching with even greater sadness in April, leaving his wife he spent the first.

The funeral of the deceased is laid on the Seoul Asan Hospital mortuary balin coming with 9:00 on the 31st.

A daughter left the family hanmyeongui(Before the sky)There are.


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