Son Tae Young apologized silence is grown frosty response

Son Tae Young apologized requirements of the SNS is still Ssulzun

Last December 1st Seoul gocheok Sky Dome 2018 Melon Music Awards(MMA) With the appearance in the Son Tae Young son and nephew at the ceremony sitting on the singer-seat auditorium, a non-public controversy began.

The public appearance at the singer are the children sit in a place where they sit side by side on the Son preference Son Tae Young said the public anger haetneundeyo

Son Tae Young

The Son Tae Young's agency has unravel as "the son it was a place haejun want to see the look that my mom Awards Awards are official descriptions" said, "had no idea that the celebrity seats pulled out just before entering the Son Tae Young awards prizes only to see the scene.".

Son Tae Young

Son Tae Young on the clarification of the public agency begins haetneundeyo diary to Son Tae Young said his son and nephew sat in a little over 20 minutes while the singer seats to the stage of the explanation lies Bulletproof Boy Scouts controversial debate

In three days the agency said, "I apologize for any situation," he preached the meaning of repeatedly apologized to the public.

Despite the clarification of the agency and Son Tae Young has continued to raise the name of the portal site.

This can be seen as the heart of the public want to hear directly to Son Tae Young apples than the agency clarify am

Netizens who have silenced the fans of Son Tae Young and vigorous communication through the usual SNS is showing the reaction is hard to understand.

Son Tae Young

The controversy even after a few days do not go away I think that in this case the overlap with the complaints about the pace of the past Son Tae Young

Rigido hwimal was the suspicion is photographed wearing the school uniform for his debut after earlier rainy potential for shaping debate

But he denied the pregnancy before marriage and premarital Echinostoma Kwon has also called after informing the hassle pregnant wife Son Tae Young Kwon is true in broadcasting.

Really in controversy persists whether the Son Tae Young is a direct apology, or can be sent to the attention time in silence.


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