Kang Han Na tvN 'designated survivor' did go beyond the original popular?

Korean version of "designated survivor" Kang Han Na heroine appeared positive review

Actor Kang Han Na is the tvN drama of the new Supreme survivors than reviewing the heroine appeared.

Kang Han Na is known neundeyo 'supreme survivor, also with appearances of being a topical again, "Kang Han Na dress' appearance in 29 days Happy Together

Kang Han Na

Currently, I am a strong jungyirago discuss positively about the heroine proposed.

I am strong "wipe know" drama this year,, Between just love 'and the Running Man, Happy Together 4, etc. I'm being actively worked in both the drama and the arts

In the home theater once again through the TvN 'supreme survivors "it is expected to show the charm of Kang Han Na.

Kang Han Na

Drama 'supreme survivors' command is daeto National Day speech, When one hannal a bomb and destroyed everything in power do not want the Minister of Environment 12 above sequence is a succession drama for 60 days happening only writes the Acting President of.

Premier survivors indeyo work is a remake of the popular original American drama

Specify survivors

The original story was also delivered news that started last 2016 Season 1 Season 2 ABC is in the United States in 2017 was broadcast each season 3 production is defined in the "Neck peulrikseu '.

Drama supreme survivors indeyo drama off the great popularity around the world as well as the US

Specify survivors

Korean survivors has been one of the most High expectations boyeojulji any appearance.

The Supreme survivor Kang Han Na is currently under review starred actor Ji Jin-hee has been the appearance suggested it also conveys this topic is being discussed news.


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