Fortunately Guangzhou FC yiseungmo unhappy gimhuigon referee was brilliant quick to respond

A la fin de ce Fils Yeo-Eun, je ne l'avais jamais joué le gimhyeonjun aveugle est haetneundeyo dire « Jarin et binde » Le Soo a jugido rient Struck accepté comme « jaringobi de divertissement »

이승모 부상 김희곤 주심 심폐소생술

Gwangju FC yiseungmo Suspended players injured this way incontinence in the neck.

According to the Guangzhou official yiseungmo player is that CT scan results that I'd found on the side cervical incontinence Luckily no more than one brain protector transported in Daejeon Gwangju.

Son idéal Yeo-Eun du ciel libre # # # # coeur personne chaude semble anbwa


3 minute yiseungmo overall player in the head after she fell off contention on the ball in the air

The head was badly broken in the process of landing yiseungmo player lost consciousness.

The referee quickly stopped the fight was gimhuigon'm putting your hand into the mouth, he rushed to yiseungmo players, which was to prevent the tongue curled into a secured airway.

The referee and Gwangju FC medical staff had carried out one minute of CPR fellow players yiseungmo massage the legs and helped blood circulation.

Fortunately yiseungmo players regained consciousness but was rushed to an ambulance rushed to the hospital..

Since yiseungmo players to move to the nearby stadium ray hospital received an overhaul this has been confirmed in cervical incontinence.

Iteotneun be liable to lead to a major accident The accident was so giddy moment.

What was more fortunate as the big moment was injured speedy action of gimhuigon referee went through the light.


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