Gujaeyi prospective bride married five years reminiscent of a university

Gujaeyi December 30 privately married her husband who?

Gujaeyi the December 30 ceremony raises actors.

Gujaeyi agency said that the microcomputer Finney neundeyo 28 days gujaeyi olrindago a private ceremony in December 30 prospective bride is preached as a professor of French universities in five years older.


Gujaeyi age is 32 years old and I'm 37 years old this year, the prospective bride

Gujaeyi prospective bride I'm jungyirago I'd worked in France as a university professor olrimyeo The wedding was going activities as an actor, this back and forth to France and Korea


The two men met doeneundeyo the introduction of acquaintances to raise a wedding at the end of about one year fellowship

The wedding is scheduled to be conducted in private invite family and friends.

Gujaeyi is active since the model did graduated from Ewha Womans University dance and I'm an actor now


Gujaeyi is key're quite tall, with a whopping 172cm tall, but his childhood there did not so large.

In 2012, strong of heart’ When gujaeyi has also appeared in haetneundeyo I say Until junior high school when the key is very small, short yeoseo's complex had continued milk and sardines and say that because of what the key is 30cm grew wormwood.


Gujaeyi from a high school degree in dance pray rumored minutes into the good of the body like a model from Idol.

Gujaeyi is haetneundeyo old favorite activities as eunae until 2014

At the time it awarded a lot of attention as an actor and a devotee Ha. Eunae Ha District and the devotees began in August 2008 neundeyo said publicly that forty-two years April 2009, but the two lovers is the stage name of the activity that had a break after gujae 2012.


Is it because that is gujaeyi 'actor gujaeyi’ Than the name 'Ha ex’ To pray more minutes known to the public.


He also succeeded gajida the cooking time of the second OCN drama 'Mistresses' year after haetneundeyo also causes the water to drink and drive in June last year, it has returned to the stable.

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