TV Room Noon representative shipbuilding daughter controversial CEO resignation

Elementary school, I withdrew from her representative in one year and six months to rant TV room shipbuilding represents noon

Rooms at noon with TV Chosun representative was withdrawn from the position as CEO of the controversial elementary school daughter rant.

Rooms at noon 22 days neundeyo representative said that the general public out resignation apology by the representative director

Representative noon Rooms “The bowed head that I apologize to the child caused the water problems”Innovation “Different sections rebuke did not teach their children properly”Haetneundeyo say

Rooms at noon daughter

In addition to the driver damaged his daughter's room at noon representatives “The driver gave him also I apologize for having to hurt”I said that.

Before the recording files, the daughter of the room at noon representatives of the rant to the driver publicly share the impact eotneundeyo

Rooms at noon daughter

Rooms at noon daughter you say to the driver that often dismissed Kim, The operation of the beating was to.

Drivers must sikyeotdago Kim apologized to his wife, the daughter of the Mossi represent alrija room at noon the same is true of the daughter's room at noon to noon Rooms representative.

Rooms at noon daughter

Rooms at noon daughter

But the room was dismissed immediately after driving urge that side erase the recorded file representing the noon articles Kim.

Rooms at noon representatives indeyo son of Chosun Ilbo President

2006He joined General Affairs Bureau in the Chosun Ilbo, Management Planning Media Strategy Team, Education Shipbuilding CEO, Herald Sun New Media Room busiljang, Such has been the Chosun Ilbo Strategic Planning Marketing Manager.

Rooms at noon daughter

Following TV Chosun future strategy and chief marketing team implemented, Forgo such media business Headquarters was inaugurated in May last year, CEO.

However, due to her problems in one year and six months after taking office as CEO, he has been retired from the CEO position.


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