Lotte ice cream hissing okdongja Monaca pits discovered certificate herd come

Lotte hissing going to pit recovery will swarm comes reward certificate

Ice cream brands sold at Lotte 'okdongja’ Shh was found in a pit are insufficient follow-up of the company receiving criticism.

Eat an ice cream in a 100 won coin size would put the nut and the rest parts found

20Who introduced himself as a victim for college students has divided public conversation pit with hissing pictures and vendors from the next cafe okdongja.

Okdongja hissing pit

The victim has stated that during the last six days Lotte ice cream okdongja eating out I bought a Monaca hyeotgo hard to chew it came out of a 100 won coin size, nuts and other parts sh.

Jyeotdago the surface of teeth a little break in the process I'd like to eat ice cream

Is not liable major accident indeyo born lucky

Okdongja hissing pit

After to know the facts on Lotte Confectionery has given us the staff went to collect soedeongyi from okdongja.

After delivery from the subcontractor to the okdongja Lotte Confectionery “After hours, please call to eopeusinji injured”I'd received a text message that

Okdongja hissing pit

To damages from the contractor side, but otherwise I'd did was look like julgeot

Consumers naetneundeyo after the Korea Consumer Agency in applying remedies because the Contractor “When I give a reward certificate for flock”He told The consumer has stated that apply for redress felt that the story of subcontractors unfair.


This article is criticism that has been well how do I do this action while running this morning more than 1,600 comments on the 14th in the large dog called Lotte brand.

From now on, when you eat Lotte ice cream it seems to need a metal detector.


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