SAT geumjigok No. 1 Kim Yonja Amour Party Party Addictive

Once you hear two weeks hum hum 'Amour Party' SAT geumjigok No. 1 selection

Kim Yonja

Amor Party of Kim Yonja has ranked SAT geumjigok 1.

Doendamyeo georige hear again for at least two weeks hum hum addictive too strong a SAT geumjigok one would put up

I did not know the party line Amour Kim Yonja the impact of these effects to teenagers

Kim Yonja

Trot, but seems to exert an addictive, regardless of age,

Genie music is ahead of the SAT to be held on the 15th haetneundeyo released an interesting poll results

Only to those 10 targets, ahead of the test addictive Party song 'Jean haetneundeyo vote on the subject of

Kim Yonja

Amor was a party of Kim Yonja is ranked 1. I was told the total number of votes pyojung 1142 328 Table 2 above, Tae Jin-ah 'jinjin grow' in, 3Above the red velvet "deomdeom ', 4The above-produced 101 season 2 The theme 'It's me', And fifth place was occupied by the commotion, pink Pont family sharks'.

Kim Yonja

I'd say that this vote by the 10

1top, 2Indeyo above a trot

Nowadays teenagers thought you liked hip-hop songs of Tae Jin-ah Kim Yonja No. 1, 2It won the top'm Fabulous


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