Joowon umbilical cord comeback Star Star 2019 in one shot

2019 Star actors Joowon us back

Today delivered the stars come back to us after the military service in 2019 in a row.

Joowon enlisted dated May 2017 May 16, active duty enlisted

It joowon properly dated 5 February 2019 military echelon

Joowon properly

The first player is the actor Joowon.

Joowon will join the army, but I've enlisted prefabricated sbs 'My Sassy Girl' is mothagido not realize the viewers Joowon military service began the May 29 broadcast.

Joowon properly

2017In May 16 A Joowon admitted to Cheorwon, Gangwon 3 baekgol four recruits College of Education occupies first place in the College of Education recruits and neundeyo demonstrated remarkable adaptability army

After three to four recruits are drafted College of Education is a teaching assistant in the military assistant.

Joowon properly

Joowon yieotneundeyo is expected to serve as a final duty to pass on the Seoul Police hongbodan time military service has been canceled by the police, but also to the topic, while the active duty enlisted resource.

Joowon properly

2019The first year is kind of already looking forward to coming back side that will delight our fans back to what works Joowon.

Joowon properly

Actor Joowon

2006Freeze in mixed groups(Ju won, Han Jin-hee, Yigyeongeun, Kim Yun-mi, Look sulfur wool) Members had turned and made his debut as a singer, an actor.

Since it did participate in a number of performances by musical actress debuted a CRT as "King of Baking, 2010 Ojakgyo Family, Bridal Mask, The Good Doctor, Yongpalyi Movies Fashion King, Special present such recognized for acting while appearing in many of his works.

Joowon properly

In fact, even if only for appearances at the Royal Bakery gimtakgu iteotneundeyo controversy about the acting, but ohjakgyo brothers in 2011 Sang Arts Awards Newcomer, Bridal Mask to 2012 kbs Drama Awards Excellence, A Good Doctor was awarded the choewoosang kbs Drama Awards 2013 won the Grand Prize in Drama Awards as yongpalyi sbs 2015 and now has grown into a star now actor.


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