Jeong Ga-eun to find her father after the divorce, I'm sorry you tell us soknae

I worked real revoked men watching 2 single mother Jeong Ga-eun broadcasting

Real men 2 He preached the inner thoughts that appeared Jeong Ga-eun're sorry to find her dad.

Jeong Ga-eun is I have a wedding to have a child 39 years old

I wonder where this person is not better precious baby in my body Bay Jeong Ga-eun think you would love a few times more exceptional than others about the baby in the baby ve got a late age

Doing so happy if TENTE have never lived in anything

Jeong Ga-eun

While a divorce two years of marriage Jeong Ga-eun is itjyo single mother raising a baby alone

Soy daughter Jeong Ga-eun in the day to see the broadcast cameras and strangers in the house is neundeyo found the father said, "I want to see my dad."

This is Jeong Ga-eun said, "Daddy Daddy I'm working right now I'm too busy," I dalraet children.

After Jeong Ga-eun said in an interview, "annya eopji can not mean me missing soy dad to see my dad every day, it is sorry to soy," preached the inner thoughts.

Jeong Ga-eun

Love to get married, but often to divorce for many reasons.

In the past, iteotneundeyo stereotypes that once you live with no matter what the marry

Recently ended up thinking about the word "divorce" has changed a lot

In the past, marriage was broadcast bwatneundeyo the minutes say that all my choices even divorce. "

Do not you marry a divorce even if everything seems to have changed my choice, but a baby between the two stories.

If the child is an adult story As will differ if the child is still a baby is a child who grew up in a happy home, leaving a large wound in the chest with mom or dad of a member not have thought not try before..

My parents are also "Let's divorce, then after graduating kids School" Our quarrel is with you when you tell a child that hasigon hasyeotneundeyo

And let's you "marry divorced kids came to school after all!!"Favors ㅎㅎ

But divorce is awesome downed do not you like ㅎㅎ

Marriage is not easy if you have a baby joggers divorce between the couple and even more difficult if you think your child get hurt does not seem to be so easy to decide to divorce.

Jeong Ga-eun

There is live your life right answer!

If you have books that life is to live so that the world would indeed be good textbooks eopjyo

So we doeneundeyo stand at the crossroads of numerous choices every minute of every day

After a day in the quilt into your eyes closed Think of the day, "Why I did.?"I think a lot of the time

Next, I do not geuraeyaji and joggers have a commitment, but easier said than done

I'd think that marriage is the biggest turning point in living a life

But it must be careful to get married, try to think of what I should divorce even more carefully.


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