Cancun Underwater Museum honeymoon recommend the best diving spots

Global Diving Spot Cancun Underwater Museum

Cancun underwater museum planned honeymoon dive the best spots

If you're planning a Cancun honeymoon diving spots are sure to be heard.

Directly Cancun Underwater Museum(MUSA; Cancun Underwater Museum) is.



I'm in the sea holding a number of statues made of concrete place is where the spectacular marine life in the sea and statues eoulreojyeo.


Cancun is an exaggeration to say that's not even the center of the Mexico Tourism

1971Invested 21.5 million US dollars from the years has developed Cancun and nearby islands with tourism complexes.


140Cancun with more than 380 hotels and restaurants are more than two years indeyo where tourists near the 10 million people looking for

Does it say about Mexico accounts for 7.5% of GDP to enormous.


Statues in the underwater museum are the works of British sculptor, I'd say Jayson de Caires Taylor

We act with artificial reefs that are habitat of coral reefs and undersea creatures.

Planning a dive abroad or if you are planning a honeymoon'd highly recommend Cancun Underwater Museum.

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