Samsung folding smartphone, smartphone and tablet up and down release price next year

Samsung FolderBlind Phone to Be Launched Next Year The two displays need to be unpacked

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its foldable Smartphones, which are planning to be released next year..

Samsung's foldable Smartphone is a smartphone that folds the display screen and 7.3 inches(18.5cm) Fold 4.58 inches(11.6cm) As the size into your pocket.

Foldable phone, which was unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, the U.S. on the 7th, showed an amazing ability to fold the display..

Samsung folder beulpon

Samsung's foldable Smartphones are called in-folding because two smartphones are attached to each side.

Cover the display aspect ratio of 21 9, The main display is 4.2 to 3, and both the display resolution is 420dpi.

As you can see in the picture, Samsung's foldable displays consist of an external display when folded and an internal display when expanded.

Samsung folder beulpon

Fold it seems better that you see Expanding Smartphone Tablet PC.

Samsung's foldable phones make it easier for users to use multi-window from existing Galaxy Note.

You can use one app across a wide screen, or you can use two or three different apps..

Samsung folder beulpon

Watching YouTube in the right side of the screen is the ability to text messages and Internet browsing.

Consumption of Samsung's foldable batteries

If you use a smartphone or tablet, it consumes a lot of battery.

Samsung's foldable Smartphone is also the most worrisome part of the battery consumption..

Samsung folder beulpon

In fact, there were a lot of questions about battery consumption at this convention.

I think it is Samsung's biggest task to make efficient use of batteries..

Meanwhile, it is known that Samsung Electronics is going to release its foldable Smartphones next year.

The exact release date and price were not disclosed.

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