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UK tour from June 1, 2019 the Spice Girls reunion

Spy Girls announce UK tour Victoria Beckham missing

He said that the UK's leading group Spice Girls reunite you.

Spice Girls have reunited to start in January June 2019 1 Manchester Etihad Stadium, Coventry, Sunderland, Edinburgh, Bristol, He said he was open to show at London's Wembley Stadium.

But then this is gonna Victoria Beckham Spice Girls reunite missing Victoria Beckham can not be present and participate in normal reunion tour of the fashion business.

Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham via Instagram “2012After one year with gonghyeon announce first tour dates” He said his surge is not on stage, along with members is an active member of the Spice Girls preached was a very important part of life.

Following “I wish you much love and fun to tour next year” Leave a post that was also.

Spice Girls I'm getting an assessment of the UK, as well as the world-leading girl group

1996년 ‘Wannabe’ Gary make his debut as a five-member group halriwel(Geri Halliwell), (Melanie chisom)Melanie C, (Victoria Beckham)Victoria Beck ham, (Melanie Brown)Melanie B, (Emma beonteun)Emma Bunton consists of.

Spice Girls

2000Gary Harley-year, while the withdrawal of reasons, including Wei solo career after the dissolution would put the team 'Amethyst Gray hicheu’ Year 2007 has also reunited with album world tour.

Followed in 2012, he seogido at the London Olympics closing ceremony stage.



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