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Ball Seoyoung Dae Jong dress eye catching body captivity

Dress boasts an announcer ball Seoyoung Dae Jong Film attractive shape

10For the July 22 afternoon 55th Dae Jong Film Festival Seoyoung ball on a red carpet event in Jongno-gu, Seoul Sejong Cultural Center, this charming figure I have captured the attention to the dress.

Suh Young Eun first ball of the school's baseball PS Goddess

I'd had a second incident Suh Young Eun ball prejudices of former idol from school

Even if the same mistake, or something from this school singer’

That I heard the story.

I'd had this tremendous effort to fit the prejudices

Specifications are motivated incident since it was a very good

“Synchronization of every four first place is not even 2, 3Etc. Let's say this deuji yiraseo school yiraseo by artists from”You say that the pledge.

At the end of her efforts balls Suh Young Eun 'Goddess Baseball’ Neundeyo awarded the title of

Currently, I'm coming in liaison contains several programs press conference

Suh Young Eun ball into groups Cleo who became an announcer through KBS N bonds

In the past, Happy Together 3 “After Cleopatra activities were grown for five years live basket case the lucky few Ana dreams of sports than a sports channel was” Said “His first-born announcer school”It also explains.


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