Black sea bream fishing jeonyudong wonjul management and gumeongjji

Only jeonyudong fishing wonjul management daesangeo at best can fully nakeul

In jeonyudong fishing wonjul management is a very important part.

Jjimaedeup not unlike anti-fishing flow Bonnie Continuing let loose a wonjul I mitgeolrim occurs in gumeongjji needles are sometimes continue.

Because in jeonyudong fishing wonjul management is one of the most important things that can make a daesangeo.

How does one manage jeonyudong fishing wonjul?

  1. So that the catch is sorted wonjul tackle after tackle Throwing.

2. When preparing to give a sort wonjul released gradually and to tackle the falling.

3. When this occurs, gumeongjji pops up at the surface gives a little shake and pull the wonjul.(One example will gumeongjji the head mitgeolrim occurs)

4. Again frees a little wonjul.

5. Gumeongjji that comes back up to the surface and pull a little wonjul exit from mitgeolrim.

Here it is how to manage in the wonjul to jeonyudong.

After throwing a fit-out 3, 4, 5 It's important to make and keep repeating once the needle tip is a little floating at the bottom.

And speed to relieve the wonjul'm also very important

To release the speed wonjul there is a relationship with the birds, which I think is hard to understand, let me know who is standing.

When it is repeated several times to loosen, pull yourself this wonjul “Oh, now that you're a speed yijeongdo” This is the moment you learn will come.

It looked almost black sea bream are feeding activity and the movement from the bottom layer crystallization indeyo haneunge attack ground floor

Hagieneun as the fish hit the bottom floor is not flat, was it a person can see for yourself the floor I think jeonyudong more effective than anti-Flow.



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