Twitter hyegyeonggung wife Kim, Hye - Kyung Kim incidents yijaemyeong Governor secondary police attendance

A pale smile attended by Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung wife yijaemyeong branch police

Mrs. Kim, Hye - Kyung Mr. yijaemyeong the Governor 'Kim hyegyeonggung events’ I attended a 2 days 10 a.m. police.

Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung, Kim hyegyeonggung events’ To receive a police gun indeyo This is the second time

Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung one of the car survey conducted privately in the last 24 days, deny the charges over police presence is confirmed that the media coverage and was suddenly behind this was also the second home after attending the police protest to the police.

Kim hyegyeonggung events

Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung day, just as when first survey naseungcheol Lawyers(Great Lakes Law Firm)And I accompanied the police to attend haetneundeyo

Naseungcheol lawyer pray minute charge of Legal Support Director of Camp yijaemyeong candidate in the last election, Governor of Gyeonggi-do.

Kim hyegyeonggung events

Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung wearing a blue two-piece all black bag haetneundeyo briefly stopped moving directly from a photo line

Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung questions from reporters “Sorry”Leaving a word and went into the building.

Kim hyegyeonggung events

Meanwhile on Twitter, Kim hyegyeonggung events’ The high price of a Twitter account called @ 08__hkkim(Therefore) President Roh Moo-hyun, Moon Jae-President, Begin by slandering such astronomical system would put the account name twenty-two euros equals DE euyi and English initials of Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung are suspected of not this account of Mr. Kim, Hye - Kyung.


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