President gapjil above the target disk yangjinho assault, Shooting a movie directed souvenirs

Unstoppable assault on the president of the office no one was curled yangjinho

I think live live When I click on that friggin break down suddenly yangjinho real-time queries to look up one heard chanting video.

Korean web industry hard 1, 2Up company Korea and robot manufacturing company owner chamber above the disc and file Norris (week)The video was released by the president yangjinho president of the Korea Future Technology of indiscriminate violence and abusive to employees.

Yangjinho movies are not this ever end plate king of the President published gapjil.


This video news breaking public is that it looks look a day sitting at a desk without anyone catching one even insults and assaults of yangjinho venue events that took place in the office space, and many employees are working

Even more amazing is that video.


You know that video you see the movie indeyo assault while following the shooting scene to direct the assault as CCTV or a fixed camera image


I wonder what would have happened to these images can be shot breaking news coverage results, the image yangjinho President has instructed directly taken as a souvenir.

Yangjinho chairman for the video I'm here to answer a letter sent to the formal interview requests are refractory to continue covering the needs of the news breaking


“I have a mind to respond in good faith to advance twenty-three days after covering letter please do today. However, there are still children in our home, thank you for your sympathy haejusigi the father of the mind that you want to protect your children. Character jusyeoyo the beginning of the week or the weekend” Innovation “I'm in a difficult position contains the word gijanim deurigineun it is a difficult reality. Like the beginning of next week there will be time naelsu please contact the next week.” Neundeyo said that he would respond to the interview

But that deny coverage reasons, you can not understand after two days.

IT industry leader and President of the robot yangjinho expand its business to manufacture in-house that no one did not know during the assault 2018 It seems to be to say that the President gapjil target.

The breaking news is shocking revealed that the public image of another bizarre gapjil yangjinho president 31 days.

“He suffered a heart still beating hasyeotneundeyo to say that the father wants to protect children is also a precious son to someone.”


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