National Petition Korea emerged Artists 99% molding Kang Han Na mangeon controversial remarks

Introducing people to petition the Japanese activities Kang Han Na remarks

99 people were among the 100 people shaping Korea Artists. I anhaetda.

Broadcasters are active in Japan, Kang Han Na(38. Or learn Kang Han Na) With the remark may have continued gaproneulbak.

I am strong in the last 27 days the Japanese Yomiuri TV 'Mori Koto Yoshimoto’ Appeared on “In South Korea, as well as celebrities and molding prevalent among the general public” Haetneundeyo say

Kang Han Na

Following strong I “As I understand it has 99 people of 100 people Artists. Korea celebrity friends will still look shy, but not say that the face is changed whenever we meet” I said that.

Following himself haetneundeyo say I did not have a strong molding “I did not forming. Stories such as the nose is a little low, it was invited and listened advised to molding”He said.

My argument is strong getting stronger criticized me in your opinion there is no clear statistics in other countries than the domestic broadcasting as if it were the truth.

Kang Han Na

In particular, the more sensitively acting in that appeared on the Japanese broadcaster that such a remark.

Who am I strong?

I am strong and active as an actor and broadcaster in Japan

Was the last to start broadcasting activities in Japan, Weathernews weatherman in 2007 was reportedly belong to the currently famous Japanese agency.

Kang Han Na

In Korea, the morning of the world live ', 'Ask Anything’ He worked as a reporter in.

Kang Han Na appeared to expel citizens petition

My remarks after a strong public appeal board has haetneundeyo appeared to have a strong national appeal dont deprive my nationality

Kang Han Na

I'd think Kang Han Na should have a certain level control in their broadcasts even if his thoughts by the way the Japanese producers that made the script was a part of the True pity.

Meanwhile, Kang Han Na Some advocates also came out, but you dare to show such a story blaming the opinion that more Do you need to be strong on the Japanese broadcaster.


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