Take care of your refrigerator initiated 84 public broadcasting revenue of 10 minutes in Real Madrid 1

84 Gyan sulman eating habit, I calculate..

84 Gyan broadcast income has said that one-tenth of imports Real Madrid.

29One has writers sought after Real Madrid initiated the broadcast 'Take care of refrigerator 84 and has appeared as a guest singer Noh Sa-yeon.

84 Gyan is the Real Madrid job, saying the story goes they begin to eat the scene to tell the story he heard preached blocked Noh Sa-yeon stories of the past radio've created a character Webtoon.

84 Gyan imports

Open your mouth followed with regard to imports was it broadcast

84 Gyan seems to relax the stress of the day job at Real Madrid, "Broadcast income is about one tenth of the income of Real Madrid," said "broadcasting. It seems that the end of the week to the broadcast, "he was also speaking.

Broadcast income is also very small pieces are gonna boneyo the Real Madrid Autumn income not so great

84 Gyan imports

84 Gyan imports

In addition, the public is also drafting 84 haetneundeyo utmost piety of the mother

84 Gyan surprised everyone Say "Yesterday I drank the phone to her mother one friggin mom you like jyeotdago car broken four did," said "already the house in the past has offered four" was.

84 Gyan imports

Gyan said that his father go back to mother, I Know That alone has more desire like 84 nice to eat together sulman usual frugality has also preach that it is a habit of his calculations.


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