Note yuhye married boyfriend's a good-looking

Marriage and Cyworld good-looking boyfriend who share yuhye

The hot topic in Cyworld's minutes were good-looking
It was just like a doll Do you have to like, maybe not like that yippeul..
It has announced the marriage yuhye price.

NOTE Marriage yuhye
Via Instagram that yuhye "has wanted to write an article Good news," he said "April 2019 doendapnida bride. From now on I left about five months, saying, "I released a pictorial wedding taken with boyfriend.

Yuhye anyone that good-looking?

Yuhye that was told to pay attention to good-looking photos posted on Cyworld in 2008 of attending a high school in Busan

NOTE Marriage yuhye
While in high school, and is proud of the outstanding Visage minutes then called a goddess.
As a hot topic in the online neundeyo became more famous as last appeared in the 2012 Comedy TV 'good-looking period 5'

NOTE Marriage yuhye
In the time of the broadcast he appeared with her boyfriend gave bakjiho once captured the hearts of viewers with a unique dialect, Busan.

NOTE Marriage yuhyeNOTE Marriage yuhye
I'm currently running a women's clothing mall 'Ria Azur'
Become a high school student who was already an adult handani minutes to get married fast time seems to be true.


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