KIA KIA Tigers fans Lim Chang-yong Kim, Ki - Tae directors resigned requirements gathering to determine emissions

Lim Chang-yong Kim, Ki - Tae emissions other fans urging nine directors resigned and friction

Lim Chang-yong of the KIA Tigers(42) For the players held a rally Emission fans demanded the resignation of director Kim, Ki - Tae.

KIA Tigers in the last 24 days are classified Lim Chang-yong players next season, players and other power haetneundeyo delivered a waiver contract, which was notified hagetdaneun doctor released from KIA.

In the 27th Gwangju Kia Morning Champions field in front of the accused Lim Chang-yong radiate neundeyo held a rally to urge fans to Kim, Ki - Tae director resignation

Lim Chang-yong released

Place a rally held there "May the souls of the Kia Tigers', 'Expectations will only go away, Kia is the harmony of this article is written forever "erected fans wearing large share nanwojun organizers have Mouses at the top of my lungs, shouted" Kim, Ki - Tae-out ".

At the time jinadeon Kim, Ki - Tae oversee venue is haetneundeyo awarded fierce protests from fans

Lim Chang-yong released

Fans shouted Ask Kim, Ki - Tae coach "to hear the views of Lim Chang-yong athlete wants to continue to play regardless of the player salaries seemed to me a tear," said, "Explain the reasons emissions so fans can agree and understand.".

In addition, of course, it should be released without the skills in the "professional world. But I've also asked to weigh whether the rookie says of the "athlete throwing a 149km per hour supervision Kim, Ki - Tae.

Lim Chang-yong released

Kim, Ki - Tae director in protest of the fans has also split the dialogue in the supervision room "there was a good reason," he called to one of the fan representatives.

Fans "Lim Chang-yong players unbeaten our shop 'in window’ It must be emphasized that referred to the rating given, "said," What is the fun professional skills and he is still one of the great players. ".

Following "The meeting is also important as valuable epilogue. How to send nine players leaving Lim Chang-yong had to be a bit more worried, "said balhimyeo" We demand that let withdrawn immediately declared the release of Lim Chang-yong players and seek a new way. ".

Lim Chang-yong released

Meanwhile, Lim Chang-yong players neundeyo botaet difficult to enter the top five postseason omgimyeo the positions as a starter this season in the bullpen KIA Tigers five wins in 37 league games 5 L 4 4 Hold Save, It has posted a 5.42 ERA.

Was released from the team proudly in compliance with the sudden sexual Lim Chang-yong players doeja KIA fans are opening an internet cafe 'Kim, Ki - Tae commanded resignation Movement and opposition to the decision of the nine.


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