Husband, Kim Han-gil Choi Myung-gil possible to cure cancer stage IV battled drug

Kim Han-gil currently battling stage IV lung health recovery wife Choi Myung-gil 24 hours gave a gild

Kim Han-gil lung cancer stage IV I did not see it broadcast…

Kim Han-gil 4 tvN lung cancer being the rep yet appeared separately as has been the news.

Gun is listening to 4th lung cancer news so surprised at all in the body long ago, the broadcast sick neundeyo not feel surprised mothaetneunde

Having lived and see what this n 't become

I have already received a decision last year of lung cancer

Kim Han-gil said in an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo “Last year was the 4th sentence lung cancer” Innovation “Now that was almost healed” Haetneundeyo say

In fact, if I understand lung cancer, stage IV geolro not write your hands

Now it is almost Maybe a miracle to cure it.

Kim Han-gil is learned by chance of lung cancer in October last year, leaving the Yeouido I'd had surgery as a medical treatment in April this year, lung cancer metastasis out of the lung who have been waiting for four.

Then I said I'd hit the New Testament

There is a new drug that is effective to only one or two out of ten said it was well beaten anyway masks can also be cured in his body.

Four or five cigarettes a day handcuffs Kim Han-gil

Kim Han-gil is high and I'd smoked four or five cigarettes a day smoked Party Place incur as a bulwark.

I've tried to buy cigarettes after being diagnosed with cancer is his brother's wife Choi Myung-gil “Cigarette smoking is also to be disconnected junya you know the rest of my brother Collect” I'm told that

I'll not abandon the rest of the cigarette brother sister just seems to be the answer to quit smoking as haneunge.

Kim Han-gil wife earned me 24 hours.

Last Day “In addition, as a separate” Kim Han-gil was in the press conference “The body hurt a lot in the end of last year,. Then his wife Choi Myung-gil 24 hours while next to me gave me snatching.

Yeoseo a lot of bodies recovered state moment was thinking it was time now to be a stand alone received a request to appear crew. I was in favor of the wife had not yet.” While “In the wake of the program believe that the beginning of a new life” He preached.


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