Holiday gift hit Chungjungwon 'luncheon meat bacteria’ Detecting other canned products are safe?

Canned embarrassing incident broke the sense that bacteria

The bacteria are found in Chungjungwon luncheon meat are shocked.

Canned inde original sterile products you bacterium was found'm pretty too embarrassed

In particular, luncheon meat product that is popular with holiday gift food for the children especially like indeyo

In the sense that we know is I understand canned products are completely sterilized product is not released unless the absolute bacteria

Originally it was made to store canned food supplied to soldiers in the fresh state

What we have so far only been duped by the end of?

Luncheon meat bacteria

The group will attend luncheon meat Chungjungwon's product makes my healthy food packed carefully clean nature and is Chungjungwon Miwon, Chungjungwon Doi Kochujang, 'To create a jonggajip Kimchi(week)I have a tremendous sense of betrayal in terms of where the general food business'.

In fact, if products made from the first time heard of the company “Oh, I could dont” Neundeyo think will do

The bacteria comes from products made in the Republic of Korea chaebol eopneyo you have to say..

Luncheon meat bacteria

Health authorities have made a number of commands for the bacteria found products.

The products in question are made of the expiration date on May 17, 2016 the product until May 15, 2019 has been a problem.

Sikyak destination, leaving the expiry date seven months uncovered only now it is hell do not know what you were doing

Luncheon meat bacteria

And handeul that the number sold in the country for two years, five months already is luncheon meat What we do not know what to do to enter the body recovered.

In Gangseo-room PC case and it has more than one million citizens petition cases

Luncheon meat is already eaten gonna have people over 100 million people certainly eat luncheon meat bacteria somehow I think that those who found the hospital a stomachache or feel.

Gangseo also clearly have work to rage incident as PC room.

KFDA is indeyo work is the main task of inspection and enforcement notices the safety of food and drugs sold

More than products that contain bacteria two years it has been sold as a food of the people think that the story did not work properly wife sikyak.

Luncheon meat bacteria

Sikyak processed foods are dangerous, If the drug is confirmed doeneundeyo unloaded commands, such as business suspension or closure

We will closely watch Chungjungwon really want to sell the food that contains the bacteria for more than two years out of business or stop operating instructions.

And sikyak treatment also need clarification on the points did not correctly validate the safety and appears to be urgently necessary also proven safe in other canned goods.


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