Dae Jong Film Festival trot singers who are Hansarang? On behalf Music Awards

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Deputy Prime Minister nor the artists association members for Hansarang

Hansarang Dae Jong Film Music Award Director Ryuichi Sakamoto, Deputy Prime Minister

Hansarang trot singers are being given a controversial 55th Dae Jong Film Festival Winners Deputy.

Ryuichi Sakamoto of the movie "Namhansansung" won the music from the last 22 days Dae Jong Film Festival held at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Theater.

However, Ryuichi Sakamoto, the director did not attend the Dae Jong Film Festival this Ryuichi expected to be the Deputy Prime Minister acquaintance of directors would put Sakamoto

Neundeyo headed to the stage of the maker of inexpensive movie Namhansansung "In the audience, this is gimjiyeon Pictures representative for Deputy Prime Minister cameras caught the representative gimjiyeon


But suddenly trot singer Hansarang vicariously winners has risen to the stage.

Hansarang let the deputy Prime Minister gimjiyeon representative and jumped back into place gatneundeyo


Hansarang will "celebrate. Not too busy to come and I came instead. I am a singer and actress Hansarang. Congratulations, "said receiving the trophy gave the congratulations.

In fact, I thought Until this time with acquaintances minute film officials and Ryuichi Sakamoto Director of Hansarang But after gimjiyeon representatives rose to the stage for the shooting was to start that debate balhimyeonseo Hansarang Deputy Prime wrong.


Gimjiyeon representative seems "there was a problem with the awards process.”Saying, "I do not care who won the Deputy Prime Minister was attending to. Was smooth, "said Deputy Prime Minister pointed out Hansarang.


Hansarang am controversy continues after the Deputy Prime Minister

Hansarang said that he was not the shooter trot singer I'd Association for

Association for the singer is 23 days "is not a singer Hansarang Association for. Who do not know well, "he said.

What the hell is so minute that anyone is Hansarang?

In such a big film festival awards, whilst this does not occur two days yicheo cart himdeuneyo to understand


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