Flaming Youth Hyerim singer Cho Yong-pil Leslie Cheung and hidden anecdotes

8090 Hidden secrets the public in those days-Star debut Hyerim

Singer Cho Yong-pil Hyerim fiery youth debut thanks

The singer Hyerim to disclose the hidden stories of the youth from the burning Leslie Cheung Cho Yong-pil.

23Flaming Youth which was broadcast doeneundeyo proceeds Gangwon Hongcheon last story

This figure smoking a fire doesaegineun the old memories will deliver.

80Members have gone back in time with Phoebe Cates's star was the best time, Brooke Shields divide the story, such as neundeyo sang along without all the OST of the hero who came out true colors will flow LA

Song - eun deliver crunchy mimic the metabolism of Leslie Cheung has also reproduce the true colors heroic scenes.


This is Hyerim haetneundeyo recalls his first encounter with history Leslie Cheung

Hyerim this "did at the time of Leslie Cheung's rehearsal also fully digested like a real concert," remembering to remember who did the concert MC's childhood Leslie Cheung was in progress on the 'march of youth, "said the invitation to Leslie Cheung has also released the episode who attended the dwipulyi digit . '

Hyerim found his first album of listening to vinyl records with the youth at the time of his debut, and is also sparking off buttoned yo


Hyerim is said "a lot of people know that I debuted as a singer in the bar Mother Duck," but said that not neundeyo debut through Cho Yong-pil that debuted with the mother

Do you want to Hyerim singer Hyerim mother I Hyerim this is the "Cho Yong-pil continued to convince seniors that the opposition”Said the situation reminded goal.



Cho Yong-pil also said to have 'big mouth Hyerim problem' Hyerim mother was also released stories make furious.

Hyerim mother who became a deceased veteran singer indeyo naaesim

Naaesim peace is born in the Province jinnampo debuted debuted as an actor in 1949 as a singer with "Tango Night" 1953 is a singer and actress who dominated the hansidae.


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