Posts accused of the murder of Professor Gangseo-room PC and CCTV Namgung mental emotions

Court Gangseo PC rooms murder suspect mental feelings admit when required commute

Gangseo Some PC rooms murder CCTV footage has been released.

This figure was contained in Gangseo Police were called PC rooms, but I'm the police went back to repose for 15 minutes after the PC room part-time job in life is Suspended beomui weapon..

This process helped the alleged perpetrator of the crime, such as the little brother to catch the eight part-time job in Saint-raising would put

But police are brother had conspired to murder or aiding Profiler difficult position when viewed comprehensively examine the witness statements, etc..

Gangseo-room murder cctv pc

Gangseo PC rooms murder victim Shinmoe(21)Father's interview

Vain to have a PC, Gangseo-room murder victim's father sinmossi have sent his son opened his mouth for the perpetrators brother in an interview being an accomplice suspected.

Sinmossi father “In such a threat would kill would have to call the police.. To take two people to either sent home or taken to the police that that the Earth should have been enough to prevent the case from being generated by a stable finish”He said,.Gangseo-room murder cctv pc

Following on perpetrators brother suspected as an accomplice “193cm tall and is the son of kendo black belt. Weigh out 88㎏. Even without the sister heard it said that no matter how Karl would have had to flee naejineun enough to knock ".

Gangseo-gu, PC room, murders doctor Namgung(Two shepherds Hospital Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine) Facebook post comments

Namgung the professor via Facebook "It was bloody, so there is no more place to bury a black T-shirt and jeans," he said. "In addition, abdomen and chest, the neck and face injuries all had one opening, Who was on hand to prevent the upper knife. He explained that each one is deep enough to destroy the forms. ".

Gangseo-room murder cctv pc

Followed by "I was having a boiling anger and guilt Time. Later saw the CCTV coverage in the press ourselves. Sometimes more really brutal scene, There are times when the screen is nothing more cruel look. CCTV in any location not hurt him walking meoljjeonghi wearing clothes I had seen the day, Russia went to throw the garbage was coming down the escalator ride”Innovation “That was until decent people. But I'm just a video eotneunde attending fine to walk away from that screen people wearing the clothes that. He too, Is it because I think people who live in it seemed unrealistic. It even does that raise their people to fear”He preached.

Following "report is also difficult to believe inhuman crime in itself," it said it needs a "strong anti-relapse".

Namgung, a professor specializing in post Facebook comments

I was in charge of PC room Gangseo victims. At first I was thinking about the incident to hamgu. Of course, it was to the privacy of patients, Tell it was thought that the public interest. In addition, since the day of death it was not my job to.

So true was the anger boiling lived alone since the morning. But the case has been started to be reported and disclosed many facts.

Now people who stabbed ryeoteumyeo how the human body in which part of the city where the deceased couple, I know that is transported to the hospital which he died a few city. Even I was even reported by CCTV and crime scene photos did not check the time.

Geureogie now I open your mouth. In fact, from now on I will add, And that was a fact of that time in charge of the hospital, he was known to be transferred or, Followed by the remaining only my subjective idea.

He came in on a Sunday morning. I was contacted by the 20 men injured in the arm and the head comes first. Did I not dead yet, Too embarrassed voice paramedics seureowoseo difficult to understand what's going on. Soon he came. He is tall physique was good enough Lal beds hat. Gory so no more place to bury a black T-shirt and jeans, was. All the staff went out of him all jump.

Undressing clothes and untied the bandage to identify wounds. His face revealed. Handsome face was the impression of the moment was hwonchilhan. What you need to understand that it was not.

The wound was too much. In addition, the abdominal and thoracic There were a dog, All wounds are neck and face, Who was on hand to prevent the upper knife. One deep enough to destroy one form. Looked around wipe the bloody face only one party nicks twenty-three. Most were in the front rather than the side or rear. Counting the number of all there was no sense, Both later told was a thirty-two. This followed the police gave us to gauge the length of the knife used in a crime by hand. I thought I saw the length.

Usually people do not put all your knives jjilreodo people in the human body. Humans, it is difficult to do so in humans. But the perpetrator stabbed the knife is really prepared to put end.

All wounds are stopped until the knife touches the bone. It sores on the scalp, but is quickly stopped touching the wounds of the skull face and neck side went Fook. Now that the ear is thin, the hole breached. Drilled and hold both ears was the air.

The wound was deep in the nape years more. It seemed unrealistic in too deep. How it was not a mortal wound when the replay was estimated. Wound touching the facial bones had stopped while things led to parallel, Trace the perpetrator stabbed the knife was pulled back in a short time. One of the wounded was in hand I quit the finger, Another went through the second finger and the third finger. The victim's friend saw a record later did not gather beoleojyeo hand. That's right. I repeat, One deep enough to destroy one form.

I thought it was crazy chicks. What is going on but, Anyway, I thought crazy chicks. While preventing blood frankly I had this idea. It is due to a fierce grudge. The offender is a maniac, but of course, Nevertheless, it based lifelong roots and thought it would not be able to do this without a deep grudge. But the twenty-year-old young man to whom this diagnosis mean hell wanted. Such thoughts were far. This came as police gave us that in arguing guest pierced part-time production. Two would not have known each other before. Really crazy, Lovely surprise confused mind told. The world feared the moment. As soon as all the doctors to listen to the facts spat insults.

The patient was unconscious from the beginning. He could only move his hands and feet unconsciously. Carl did penetrate the skull, There was no damage to major organs of the chest and abdomen. Face and neck and hands is not a major organ. It ppunyirago stop bleeding, So I might get the idea to buy, I thought at first. But pouring fluid and plasma solution of the whole hospital, Only visited over twenty minutes while preparing the blood had started to slow heart rate. The first was the arrest.

After a minute of CPR, the patient returned, All the staff available to the blocked pop rough cuts. When the heart slows down bleeding has been stopped.Sorry heart was beating again ttwimyeon blood sotgu in all parts back injury. The wound could not so much on how to determine whether any major blood vessels.

But would not it hurt like a major artery, Therefore, there was also a vascular embolization, Before that could not leave the intensive care unit. There was no visual inspection that the state can not enforce it urgent. Somewhere in the depths of the head and neck it seemed invisible blood pouring. His blood is mixed with the sap from the beginning, as was diluted with water.

Since his heart did not come right back once, Blood poured from the wound of the blood rises atda was repeating an stopped.Sorry chumyeon heart stops. This led to CPR. My blood coagulation acute disseminated in a short time came. He hit forty dogs and the blood in the short time. It was all over the Sea of ​​Blood. He did not leave the place never end, Not only died a long time.

It was a terrible death. Only the face and hands bleeding, and died young man. To do so many, It required a deliberate and vicious stab.

But I mean naendan more caring than this.. Even doctors can not stop ARM, as. When you spend so Days of mixed feelings, I saw the news scene photos. I learned to see it. When he came before me, he would've already poured out the blood of the body on the spot. It was different to the eye as to predict it in my head strewn on a field blooming.

One man poured groups were seemingly impossible to avoid. Where he died, but in fact was almost dead at the scene. Take it out of the vicious stabbing knives bring people shed the blood of the low level in an instant, Yieotguna also impossible. I was convinced the death more or less in the medical aspects, Nevertheless, I was helpless. To the young, Which is applied to the community, This is the glittering sword stabbing people at random, And if that could be, Everything I had armed.

I could spend hours in the boiling anger and guilt. Later saw the CCTV coverage in the press ourselves. Sometimes more really brutal scene, There are times when the screen is nothing more cruel look. CCTV in any location not hurt him walking meoljjeonghi wearing clothes I had seen the day, Russia went to throw the garbage was coming down the escalator ride. And I heard that someone was him pointing at the picture of him in the end deopchineun Scene… I witnessed the subsequent direct. But before that, so this scene I did not look at why it struck cruel looked surprised soseura. So what was his gait is why frighten surprised us all. He eopeotneunde one hurt. He was a decent man before him. But I'm just a video eotneunde attending fine to walk away from that screen people wearing the clothes that. He too, Is it because I think people who live in it seemed unrealistic. It even does that raise their people to fear.

I hadagado a speech in front of people after stopped for a while after the end of the idea, President of the society were suddenly in this akmul, Even eat with people who felt that the intracranial pressure is raised briefly. I thought he did not leave me. The blood was washed away in thought without leaving my body. Meanwhile, many people, Were more people twenty minutes. I have witnessed the incident directly to the anger, Iteoteumyeonseo can also have devastating understand. Clearance of the wound was real and the image of the wound. I was tired of him living in fear. Salahdo living was not. Sinful feelings, Terrible feeling, Helpless unable to resist the evil nature, Beoleojyeo not close and unrealistic Award went to his neck, fingers. But every death, Some deaths have left indelible wounds toxic deeper.

It may not be his responsibility he took for depression. But the depression did not give him the sword jwiyeo. About to be discussed for the mind and body is very weak form to make a lot of people at this very moment are suffering from depression as a potential killer.. Rather, I, When Sunday morning face unprecedented PC room part-time production could face thirty-two times it had no psychiatric history of the person who will stab of surprise more. It is a separate one of anger, so seureoul. I repeat, Depression did not squeeze him a sword. It will somehow pick up the hands of those individuals. Rather, it only further shame about the incident we can do that at best would urge the strengthening of the physical and mental punishment miyakja.
I'm events and facts, Know more about the punishment and public authorities. And for this petition and public opinion and the subsequent controversy, As someone who was directly in the field, The costs skepticism to downright mind. Because there was not a terrible molgol not possibly substituting me. Even if the punishment of murder getting stricter public power is extremely strong jindago, People who commit crimes outside this sense the world could come not only a lightness? Can they be prevented pounder thirty-two times, the people back away garbage on Sunday morning like wildfire? He feared the punishment and take into account the human waged this dori does crime? All is not. So the person who hacked the man without hesitation, Society does not exist, only one seemed lightness is essentially impossible,. So I think the deceased showed me a plain. Care for patients who lifted up the sword suddenly appear on the back after work, And force majeure by giving out the neck and face… It may be a restaurant owner threw rice… It may be a bank employee who respond to customers… So meet someone in the profession you may be on his way back home..
Someone with human nature is the worst. To the extent that they are all personalities of others, we can not be controlled, we can not be safe forever.. I felt that. It may be someone somewhere again. It is hopelessly impossible even though we were some efforts to change this fact.

I have the heart to mention the appearance of the deceased during his lifetime to become the deceased and survivors who are no. I was terribly own, Sincerely I pray for the souls of the deceased, but, Briefly met well aware of the fact that the patient can not be compared with the sorrow of the people who knew him in his lifetime. If you think their sorrow even now I want to wail sat. But I am getting the serious consequences of this incident and the investigation done by verifying the facts and assumptions referred to wander, Social strongly hope than anyone to be recurrences prevented. So mention the hope once again that the embers or fuse. I would say it is difficult to believe the reported inhumane crime itself. The fact that humans can really commit to doing this in humans. If this should nevertheless felt helpless in this article, it can not be helped. We are all helpless because you have equity implications of the incident.

Gangseo lawmakers geumtaeseop Facebook

Geumtaeseop Parliament was saying: "that the US had wet spots on the actions of the police were dispatched in advance cheolji hat Hebrews was checked," he said "Today, under the jurisdiction of the national accolades thorough Truth to clarify responsibility and Seoul, Nam-joo jigeomjang via Facebook. Victims and their families have preached that the end will try to avoid the chagrin ".

Gangseo-room murder cctv pc

Senator geumtaeseop professional posts

<We talk about 'PC rooms murder'>

This terrible incident occurred in a PC room in the last 14 days AM Our Balsan-dong, Gangseo-gu,. We Gangseo-Min on the absurd death of a young man on his way hard living as well as a lot of people deepest condolences and concern deulkkeseo, Anxious to express anger.

Suspended been brutally murdered by Kim Mossi known but through media reports, the 21-year-old youth was a part-time overnight at room've been looking for a guest PC.

Fertilization was at the end of the PC room cleanup spot police were called, Once the perpetrators of all, Mr. Kim went back home to come back to holding the weapon was a knife stabbed the victim..

The fact that the current struggle of the relationship is the absence.

However, there are two issues. First, a lot of people that leave the accused also the brother of the suspect on the basis of on-site CCTV, etc.. The jurisdiction for Jiangxi police "accused brother is judged not to be an accomplice. I caught the arm of the victims have said the initial investigation was the result of trying to put off the two men. ".

Second it was the perpetrator is a family of people who have since the message that taking medicine for depression reported in the petition that "should not be a mitigating reason of mind and body is weak." Cheong Wa Dae exceeds the hundreds of thousands.

I will try to avoid the first dash of doubt or mijinham ilhoek in connection with the investigation as local residents and lawmakers. For the part of people who are particularly worried wondering Guests do our best to ensure that the truth is revealed myeongmyeongbaekbaek Hebrews are fairly treated.

Map will point to the inadequate actions of the police were dispatched in advance eopeotneun thoroughly checked.

Certificate of Appreciation from the national to the jurisdiction of the Seoul Southern jigeomjang today was advised to thoroughly investigate Truth and Responsibility. So that the victims and their families chagrin and hope to the end.

Furthermore, PC room, I chatget the institutional means to ensure the safety of all people, including youth work targeting the general public in the middle of the night at convenience stores.

Antakkapgo is too sad heart. Once again, I wish the souls of the deceased.

Gangseo-room PC murder suspect when the court recognized psychiatric needs commute!

  • When people commute over 400,000 petitions, but acknowledged in court…..

The court has said it plans this year police silhal a psychiatric issue a detention center for emotions, Gangseo-gu, PC rooms murder perpetrators Kim.

Emotional attraction is a system to accept the feelings of the period of doctors and specialists in the treatment gamhoso to determine the mental state of the accused eotteohanji.

Gangseo-room PC Murder suspect Kim doeneundeyo receive a psychiatric evaluation for one month is 22 days long moved to earlier treatment gamhoso Kim has submitted a medical certificate that depression in police investigation.

Gangseo-room murder cctv pc

I'm the police report that can be determined at the time of the crime when the normal view such as that Kim had brought a weapon in the house just before the crime

But if Kim's mental illness may be recognized mitigating reasons of feeble mind and body in the future open trial.

For that matter, the presidential national appeal board, and it's the 400,000 people involved in writing requiring punishment

But the fact that no matter when people petition mandeora also a mental illness admitted in court commuted why we rage.


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