Kim, Jeong - Tai @ battling liver cancer, please naesigil won for just the wife and kids.

3Time liver cirrhosis survived unharmed Kim, Jeong - Tai wish initial full recovery

The support of netizens has led to the actor Kim, Jeong - Tai battling liver cancer news.

Kim, Jeong - Tai battling liver cancer is still lower levels between LA I'd initially plans to surgery

No matter that the initial state, but seems to have this moment received a diagnosis of "liver cancer" breast cheolreong.

Kim, Jeong - Tai

I'm Kim, Jeong - Tai has never spent a hard time to obscure childhood cirrhosis three times

Childhood I had a well-off life, thanks to his father hasideon liquor wholesalers have enough cars over articles

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Then the economy as much as he is able to eat properly, to pay his father's business suffered

Kim, Jeong - Tai tough because assumptions yieoteulkkayo time I heard the words that indicate cirrhosis has got to die if you go to a big bottle

Kim, Jeong - Tai cirrhosis confession @ 2011 KBS Win Win

Kim, Jeong - Tai was also "went to the clinic to start the next multiple Acupuncturist says that" death disease '. Haetneundeyo actual jaundice before coming to find that the ship dumped "he said," even lying for 20 hours a day, has felt the fatigue was also abandoned because the hospital treatment laid only at home indefinitely "because of multiple

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Following the "mother had recovered enough to forgive and let one advice after miraculously healthy father" he was balhigido.

I truly unfair world

Pittam hard work is simply to eat a bit now live shedding body sick…

People who commit corruption and bad eating only well just buy only good people too bad I guess so..

In fact, Mr. Kim, Jeong - Tai did the 19 years of love and marriage in 2009

Hadeyo say I think 19 years dating almost 20 years as a couple Had the family not only dated the nearest time

Kim, Jeong - Tai

Late marriage thing is probably Were not because of obscurity and difficult life assumptions.

I think you promised 'to success as an actor, let cool wedding. "

Married, and I also took place also in two or with the child actors do not know whether this is some kind of news nalbyeorak.

Actor Kim, Jeong - Tai's hasigil pray to think about my wife and kids healthy full recovery naesigo force.


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