Yuhye win a recognized source pictures hug appeared devotees?

Yuhye victory won devotees additional reports' Hug photos appeared

Yuhye won victory and yeolaeseol this time to hug pictures

Yuhye circle I'm the Big Bang, and the fire of victory and yeolaeseol do not yet have an official position devotees admit or deny the two devotees of photographic evidence has yet emerged.

19Sina, China Entertainment has released a photo of the view that these two physical contact with the press that the big bang victory being won devotees and yuhye.

Indeyo photos of women who look to win in front of the mouth on the black and plaid pants angineun arms in victory

Woman in the picture is called original yuhye.

Victory won yuhye
LEFT. Yuhye victory won Hug Photo / Right. Victory Amsterdam, The Netherlands Photos

Victory haetneundeyo public photos taken in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Instagram 19 days

That the published photos in the same look and hug the shape of men seen in the photo guy looks clear victory.

Greater China media are'm pours the articles Victory Day today

Victory won yuhye

Yuhye victories and won two of the devotees are saying that second one year.

Before the first victory yuhye won yeolaeseol a qualified Taiwanese ET Today is a public figure to win a yuhye victory and a woman won the E. La photos and a couple items are devotees of evidence taken at the same time as the place where motoring as shown in the YG Entertainment building sometimes it.

Victory won yuhye

The victory and won yuhye two men leave the answer that you're OK yeolaeseol reports state there is no news.


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