Yang Jung-a divorce, she married her husband only four years galraseo

Yang Jung-a divorce in December after four years of marriage divorce, why ?

Yang Jung-a quiet divorce last December galraseo

Actress Yang Jung-a stood apart and a divorce last December 3 years younger husband.

Yang Jung-a CL agency ¥ Company 16 days “Yang Jung-a were divorced in December” Innovation “Adorable divorce is referred to beware privacy” He preached.

Following “It plans to focus on work activities, and Yang Jung-a and viewers will meet with acting career through his next film”I said that.

Yang Jung-a married businessman three years younger at the end of her husband four months devotees

Yang Jung-a in the past has allowed us neundeyo posted December 2013 wedding ceremony in the entertainment industry colleagues of the late age of 43 years, as well as the many blessings he also care about the fans.

Yang Jung-a is I'd met her husband had acquaintance with the introduction of the goal of marriage at the end of devotees four months after her husband and first meeting.

Pagyeong the only married four years, and I'm fans Ata kkawo

Yang Jung-a is sbs' sister who OLD last October, is alive’ After finishing the stepped been known to the husband and divorce.

Ms. Yang Jung-a in Seoul from Korea

1971Born is Miss Yang Jung-a in Seoul Korea from 1990.

Unfortunately it did not prize in the Miss Korea pageant two years after it officially debuted in 1992 mbc 22 groups bond Talent.

Since our heavenly, general Hospital, truth, Million Roses, Mom's Dead Upset, My sister has appeared in numerous dramas alive and is an actor that is loved by viewers.

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