Himalayan expedition bodies probation completed five people, including Captain Kim, Chang - Ho Korean Nepali 4 people

South Korea was the expedition died while climbing the Himalayas Nepalese guide five people four people dead probation completed

I said that the Foreign Ministry is working to rectify the bodies of five people, including one on the expedition climber Mr. Kim, Chang - Ho died climbing the Himalayas of Nepal begins.

Here Himalayan professional team rolled to rectify nearby, including large helicopter was waiting in the Pokhara area that I'd arrive at 14 am local accident

Halley is expected to be made a full-fledged body probationary work as arrived at the scene of an accident.

I'd like it will be called the accident the valley settled team of experts went down a rope from the helicopter to rectify the body in a way to use the equipment

Kim, Chang - Ho;
Captain Kim, Chang - Ho became the first Korean in 2013 climbed the Himalayan 8000m Grade 14 left in anoxic. Earlier in 2012, he was awarded the Best Asian alpiniseuteu to receive "golden ice ax on Asia '

After the accident, but by mobilizing a small heli attempt to rectify the body due to poor weather conditions the body is unable to rectify yirwojiji.

Last 12 days ahead(Local Time) Kim, Chang - Ho accidents that expedition consisting of nine people, including the captain killed falling from the base camp while trying to climb the Himalayas rolling down a steep jahi malic caught in strong winds occurred.

Himalayan expedition bodies probation

South Korea had planned the expedition will climb this 2018 Korean-way roll party affiliation Himalayan expedition of Captain Kim, Chang - Ho;, Swimming directly(equipment), Lee Jae-hoon(Food and health), Imiljin documentary filmmaker had such a plan to a total of 45 days away from April 28 to 11 this month, South Korea is also moving jeongjunmo Alpine Club expedition at the site visited gyeokryeocha Suspended accidents.

Himalayan expedition bodies probation

The Foreign Ministry has dispatched a rapid response team two people about the accident as soon as possible to local sigin probation and Unguja, Funeral assistance, Family preached that it will continue to provide consular assistance, including various administrative convenience when visiting.

Himalayan expedition bodies probation

Additional input

Embassy of Korea announced weeks in Nepal

“10:00 Rescuers today: 30(1:00 pm Korea time 45 minutes)If the body 9 to the first three of nine probation was transferred to a nearby town.” Innovation “Followed by the remaining 6 compose a gussik all transported to 11:30 a.m. completed the relevant tasks in order” I said that.


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