Park Ip-Seon Song Chong-gug mentioned hated even over time…

Park Ip-Seon Song Chong-gug Recent Recent foreplay over her silly

Actor Park Ip-Seon has a story to mention ex-husband Song Chong-gug.

Park Ip-Seon, and has released a photo taken with children on Instagram 11 days “The three of us this winter is December 5th year is nahonja time dolbon you guys.. Indeed, life is no unknown”Haetneundeyo said referring to the Song Chong-gug

Park Ip-Seon is “The moment you put down your dad I know real happiness Furniture. And I hope he kicks dwaeteumyeon well because your dad ~” He said it Cheering Song Chong-gug.

Park Ip-Seon Song Chong-gug

Following “If you hate even hate someone just yiraneunge geoguna pitiful life over time, I doubled back pain you are Over harm to anyone wishing to beat good people.” It was found that the article.

After Zia Park Ip-Seon is married and in 2006, Song Chong-gug, Neundeyo birth to siblings jiuk

Park Ip-Seon Song Chong-gug

2014There was also the year appeared with the topic "Where Daddy 'mbc entertainment program, family.

But while divorce in 2015 and is currently Park Ip-Seon is raising two children.

Meanwhile, Song Chong-gug haetneundeyo disclose the appearance of the Park Ip-Seon exercises with Daughter Day De Jia wrote on Instagram

Park Ip-Seon Song Chong-gug

Was the appearance of a treadmill with her daughter Jia Lin score Cover.

Song Chong-gug has even leave the article entitled Exercise # # golf Hessischer tags with pictures.


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