Vasco girlfriend ex-wife bakhwanhui sniper? what happened?

Bakhwanhui shot by Vasco girlfriend a liar, Geukhyeom !!

Writing VASCO VASCO former wife, girlfriend towards bakhwanhui are being disputed.

Vasco girlfriend "liar", The expression "geukhyeom" and applies whatever reason naetneundeyo pour the article towards the bakhwanhui

Naohmyeonseo the bakhwanhui name, etc. Instagram and Twitter to the public and various speculation rife in the background.

Bakhwanhui Vasco

In addition, it is even more topical in bakhwanhi "I heard a rumor show" dealing with the story of Vasco girlfriend am

Vasco's girlfriend through his Instagram "You guys are my son Lucien(Dog's name) In fact, one would have thought just before his son's three. Men's clothing Look figuring ride neundeyo I posted an article called "

Bakhwanhui Vasco

Following "right. Who says I heard the OO (Vasco son) I'm taking pictures silheo? no, OO For this, why do you sound ridiculous saw a couple of times. Me now? Anyway, I called many people to lose frank liar geukhyeom "said" first dongyeol(Vasco)Who is the best dad mworaedo. cheer up, Neundeyo scribbled that I love. "

In fact, I'm even those who do not know that a couple bakhwanhui Vasco divorce

Just look at articles on the Basco girlfriend because of the fault of bakhwanhui deuneyo idea seems to be to think that a divorce

Bakhwanhui Vasco

Bakhwanhui last September with the public through SNS photos taken with my son, "this summer and last winter taken hate thing but what better than to take Pikachu and take. Without you, I'm probably not have been. I love you like the Vasco girlfriend to a dispute about the Eagle is why I scribbled in my life. ".

Bakhwanhui Vasco

As these stories are revealed through the broadcast and I'm focused on the public interest

In the show, I heard a rumor Channel A "single mother star’ Subject to that preached the story of Vasco bakhwanhui.

Rumors show, saying 2015 drama "huahyu 'one bakhwanhui is now 29 years old born in 1990 debuted with Dropped know the first face through the descendants of drama sun preached that bakhwanhui seven years old when haeteoteul marriage I announced the fact that his son,.

Following the relationship with Vasco “23In the age to marry rapper Vasco gave birth to his son, but divorced in 3 months to 1 year son Vasco has been nurtured” He preached.

In addition, it is controversial as to introduce SNS writing VASCO's girlfriend starts Diary.

In some community bulletin board "bakhwanhui kill after the broadcast? Why on earth did she give outright disgrace to publicly sniping?"This is a war of words going on to question and even, as proving the interest of the public in the portal-side real-time queries Vasco, Bakhwanhui are being exposed to higher.

Bakhwanhui Vasco

The bakhwanhui haetneundeyo is married to rapper Vasco in 2011, but was divorced after five months to 1 year son was reported that Vasco currently has custody.

Additional input after writing my story

Writing VASCO girlfriend left on Instagram We have said that the article towards the bakhwanhui.

Vasco girlfriend in the comments of netizens called not this article a sniper to bakhwanhui “Ask're right, I wrote. My phone can not receive the joy Mr.. So, the article raised.” He preached.


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