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Bang sun 'RINGA LINGA'(Ringga ringga) Music video first broke eokbyu

Bang sun 'RINGA LINGA'(Ringga ringga) Music video first broke eokbyu

Sun's group Big Bang 'RINGA LINGA'(Ringga ringga) It has topped the music video one eokbyu.

'RINGA LINGA' music video neomeumyeonseo a Youtube Views 0 1 eokbyu during the 29th and prove the incredible pageupryeok of the Big Bang.


YG Entertainment has also released 'RINGA LINGA' 1 eokbyu broke through special commemorative festival image through blog.

1 eokbyu played 'RINGA LINGA' Big Bang would put the reserves topped MTV Most eokbyu one of Korea Group

Billion views a music video Bang held, including 'RINGA LINGA' is 'Fantastic Baby', 'Bang bang bang', ‘BAD BOY’, ‘BLUE’, A total of 15 pieces, including 'BAE BAE'.


2013Years 'RINGA LINGA' music video was released in November it caught the attention of fans immediately after the release of an intense hip-hop containing a powerful and dynamic aspect of the Big Bang choreographer.


In particular, the sun is "only look at ', Soft R, 'I need a girl' 'Wedding Dress'&Naesewo a B genre haetgie a solo career, Iringa Iringa 'is more topical dwaeteotda.


'Top' Big Bang is currently the exception of 'victory', 'G-Dragon', 'Sun', 'Temperate' I'm doing the military service

In particular, the impact is not big bag unchanged in the period of military service space has been proven once again by this 'RINGA LINGA'.


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