iKON gujunhoe handwritten apology leading YG artists SNS controversy

iKON was gujunhoe a handwritten apology posted on Instagram.

Gujunhoe through his Instagram last 25 days “I was a little worried about unconditional giving advice to tell me”Innovation “I'm really sorry.”Said haetneundeyo public handwritten apology

Gujunhoe ahead with a relationship of friendship with the president and famous Japanese film director, actor Takeshi Kitano was punished in a public war of words with fans SNS.


Gujunhoe in Japanese olrimyeo pictures of Takeshi Kitano on the 24th SNS “The Kitano Takeshi Thanks. Come to the concert icon”He scribbled neundeyo

Some fans had mentioned the 'hyeomhan controversial "past Takeshi Kitano The fans have been requested to delete the text.

This is gujunhoe “Ma Yong hate yiraera not tell ~”, “If you need to remove the cash mwoman happens kkongmuni” Said pulled uncomfortable for planting to the fans is finally being crowned the next day a handwritten apology doeja public opinion akhoe.


The fact that gujunhoe of YG artists will have a debate on the SNS's not the first time

Group 2NE1 CL's solo from omgimyeo an article on July YG Yang Hyun Suk is a representative of the producer SNS Sechs Kies eunjiwon “Eun Ji Won usual appearance. I like people pretending like. Soon to be recorded”Namgija of the article “The boss about me? Please reply me letters”Leave a reply that was also embroiled in the 'bulhwaseol'.

Since 'Captain’ Lift the cat pictures wearing a hat that says' Sure’ "Make Your Suit’ "Screw you’ Leave several possible interpretations, such as cement it was also controversial.


Also it haetneundeyo often controversial because Sechs Kies Kang Sung-hoon also SNS

The incident was also the image of women which is estimated in a hotel room with girlfriend during the live broadcast Instagram was taken with another camera occurs in a live broadcast reported that the fruit truck passed, “This is a dong”He also said that compared to how punggyeo nuiangseu toughness controversial bulgeojigi.


Below are a professional iKON gujunhoe handwritten apology.

Hi Zhu Jun once.

Prior to broadcasting organizations a little too busy shooting icon

I've rushed a word of apology before.

Fans support and love you gave me insufficient to

Apologize for the worry I am so sorry..

I was a little worried about unconditional giving advice to tell me,

I did not know the situation carefully.

And the illusion that conversations with friends like

Albeit belatedly thinking about what my own light

I felt so ashamed humble.

I'm really sorry..

The first fans gave him snatching me

Gyeongsong that gave the answers and I regret a lot.

More mature and cautious in the wake of this one

We hope that the gujunhoe.

Bowed his head once again do our sincere apologies.

Posted gujunhoe

Takeshi Kitano

Kitano Takeshi, who is?

Takeshi Kitano is a person with strong political affiliation with a master director and one of the best comedians in the Japanese film industry.

2000Let's ultra right-wing politician Shintaro director of the "dangerous Japanese Studies’ Out a book, “South Korea and China is the country dialing fertilizing shamelessly extort money and pay for the purpose of raising the problem of Japanese history textbook distortions or Senkaku Islands”He expressed.

Takeshi Kitano

Also appeared in the same time, the political and intellectual daring show my Korea drama craze in Japan “If you gonna report something usurped Dokdo Korea drama nya”What critics say if it appeared in a number of programs “The success of South Korea thanks to movies and dramas, copying the Japanese culture”, “Korea's screen quota thanks to the film development”, “South Korea pretty actress that because Articles Cosmetic Surgery” And 'hyeomhan’ Has also coughed-footed are also filed claims publish this history.


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