Modern day rod gimseondal 'Mimi Cookies’ No explanation is absurd money…

Organic homemade cookies that are insignificant to the cookies have been waiting until this year, only change selling products sold at Costco packaging controversy.

Located in Chungbuk negative homemade dessert shop "Mimi cookie" is on sale through the online thing is since last July.

Mimi Cookies

Ipjeom online direct with the caffeine, 'N-Mart "did not promote the marginal cookie has not put preservatives or additives.

Especially tell me the name Mimi cookie that comes from a couple of baby name at birth 'insignificant' to operate the shop has earned a great sympathy from consumers.

This cookie is insignificant haetneundeyo start grabbing the hearts of mothers want to feed a more good food to babies at once catch the buzz

When haetneun its popularity to how great the show was a joint purchase jineyo do was a huge popular enough to be waiting

However insignificant, but his popularity cookies shortly after starting to sell online is caught deolmi neundeyo

It was a while since the last 20 days one netizen raised suspicions that "Mimi cookies' are only changing sales environment products packed Cookies Costco.

Mimi CookiesMimi Cookies

Mimi cookies on their suspicions “Frozen dough at places like Costco cookies(Bread dough)Delivery will be received as a”He said, “Stating that re-packaging and sold the finished product is not absolute”That I have a clarification

But Mimi Mimi Cookies Cookies packed ppakku groups suspicions party to increase the customer did not like to keep our customers whilst raising doubts as to ask for a refund has to admit that it is right plate of cookies to sell at Costco.

Mimi Cookies “The commercially available frozen cookie dough and homemade cookies were sent with”Innovation “Baked goods and products at Costco stores were selling. Do not start trying to leave a large profit”He preached.

However, only one change from the minimal packaging sold cookie products eotneundeyo not just cookies

Roll also being sold to commercial products is a suspicion raised.

The minimal Cookies “As if this amount was increased to be not selected. It was the lack of money”He said apologized characters grow and eventually insignificant events cookies “I am sorry I seem committed many sins. Repack the product will continue to refundable. Given the handmade products are balhigetda prosecutors investigating the authenticity of such ingredients and manufacturing process. It will all go out of business, such as online store. Taps heartfelt apology” He preached.

Mimi Cookies

Meanwhile, Mimi Cookies “NO preservatives containing healthy baking qualitative mom” Said it seemed to lead and take from 6,000 won to 8,000 won Shipping degree through online sales to controversial legal battle.


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