Jjami the 30th typhoon landed in Japan fear serious harm

24No. The big damage in Japan has been concerned due to the hurricane center jjami is expected to land in Japan on the 30th Sunday the typhoon comes jjami.

Hurricane jjami is to generate a small level typhoon is currently in development would put midrange

Although initially hold the path toward Taiwan is gradually changing the travel path in Japan.

Hurricane jjami

Typhoons push comes weave in and slow until now fast from Saturday-hee moved along the Japanese archipelago

Sunday 10 a.m. will be landing in Japan.

Hurricane jjami

Korea Looks that do not have a direct impact of the hurricane jjami

But it never is careless eopjyo are also likely to be indirect effects around the island and the southern.

It's likely that you should have put an absolute boundary as it wonak fluid movement path of the storm.

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