Somi not disclose the age-old daughter Photo 5 days

The comedian somi not released a picture of age-old daughter five days.

Somi is not haetneundeyo birth to a daughter in one of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gangseo-gu, Seoul 21 days jinna

Not somi daughter

Not last 23 days somi is on his Instagram “Hello to my aunt uncle!! My name is Kim Roa. 9With 2.49kg at 10:00 am May 21, Golden Dog # 9 minutes were born girl Wu forward to hear thank hyop not misunderstand woohehe hehehe your Thanksgiving All in all I am well bonaesigu safe operation grows in the hospital my mom and dad ttingga ttingga nolgeo” Leaving the post of haetneundeyo the first public appearance of the baby

Not somi daughter

26With one hospital news once again unveiled the look of a baby.

Is not somi “The day of discharge from the hospital ” He said, “5 days after birth Roa… Heh sweetheart smell polpol” It has released a photo with that article.

Not somi daughter

Not somi Wedding Dress

The somi are not posted in the last April general population of the same age and the wedding bets.


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