President Roh Moo-hyun Foundation accredited writers Rhyu Si-min intervention

"People live in the world Roh Moo-hyun Foundation’ The authors Rhyu Si-min has a new Chairman affairs.

4As indicated in the Democratic Representative Lee Hae-chan's addition was responsible for 6 months yisajangjik indeyo you are a new Chairman Rhyu Si-min affairs writer

Lee Hae-chan is daepyocheuk “This was met with a representative of the top writers in the former Rhyu Si-min Pyongyang summit he requested that the Foundation had to take posthumous would go”I said that.

Roh Moo-hyun Foundation Rhyu Si-min

You can go through the Foundation's Board of Directors decision procedure

Foundation bylaws there is the new president is elected in a way to get a majority vote of the entire board at the board hyun Foundation “The Council did not open yet”Innovation “Next month will be confirmed 10 days before and after” Preached that.

Roh Moo-hyun Foundation Rhyu Si-min

Rhyu Si-min artist I'm committed to a recent broadcasts and writing activities haeteotneundeyo off at recently jtbc Ssulzun and stop broadcasting activities are continuing to re-broadcasting activities recently while starring in alsseul sinjap Season 3.


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