Naver collection fails to collect duplicate, Collect blocks, Connection Failed, Server Error, Gathering held

It's sometimes failed to collect when the collection request using Naver Webmaster Tools

When you change your blog skin is the failure to collect or change from http to https is collected or fails, or if I'm to collect a number of reasons for failure in Naver Webmaster Tools

According to Naver site to comply with site optimization guide you to collect requests that are normally handled.

Site optimization guide, please refer to the Naver Web Support Center.

So let's look for the message that occurs after the request Naver Webmaster Tools to gather.

Naver Webmaster Tools

[Requested to complete]
  • Indicates that the user hayeoteum handle the collection request to collect the system recognizes it.
  • On completion status of the request and the result is treated as a failure to collect or gather under Success.
[Failure to collect]

Collect duplicate : Collected when the system collects web pages requested by the recent gathering

Collect blocks : If the robots.txt collected by the website requested Naver search robots visits are blocked

Connection Failed : Search collect the requested web site is difficult to access if the robot(US domain works, Reasons such as firewall blocking access inhaen)

Server Error : If you collect the requested Web sayiteuyi Web server returns an error code (HTTP status 4xx, 5xx .. etc.)

If a non-standard html web pages or excessive javascript to use the search robots such difficult interpretation of the page

Gathering held : Collect determining whether the collection of the requested Web site is a difficult case pending(Whether Optimization, Web site credibility and sites such as ...)

[Collect success]

If the normal acquisition process

If those that Naver Webmaster Tools collection fails, please try reviewing the above information once.


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