Collision accident current discharge schedule of the normal digestive Park Mi-sun standby signal

Park Mi-sun struck the rear-end collision accident waiting signal has been delivered news.

Park Mi-sun is haetneundeyo per chuldol stop thinking of the free 19 days from 11 pm 45-minute daehwa station crossroad coming from two or three directions Pho ic

According to witnesses at the time it said Park Mi-sun is rimyeo burst out crying so alarmed by accident appealed for help to the people.

Park Mi-sun collide accident

Park Mi-sun is known but previously were in an accident in the car drunk driver rear-ended a vehicle has been known to embellish an accident than a cell phone while driving, not drinking and driving.

Park Mi-sun collide accident

Park Mi-sun at the time of the accident was immediately go to the emergency room had a scan that takes a steady current to the hospital.


Park Mi-sun's agency for the collision incident has revealed that "Park Mi-sun is a lot of traffic at the time of capture unexpected surprise, but the state is now more calm state," he said, "come 20 days schedule planned play proceeds without a hitch.".

Park Mi-sun collide accident

Come not a big accident indeyo fortunate

So while driving can lead to a terrible accident with a mobile phone.

Drunk driving drowsy driving mobile phone use while driving is also andoejiman Please also keep in mind should not'll never ever.


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