Kim Yu-mi Choi and conflict issues as divorce, child support

Conflict with Kim Yu-mi Choi divorce support issues

The Dodgers became known late last October after the fact, a divorced former Miss Korea's Kim Yu-mi.

18In one dispatch publish this history as the "Kim Yu-mi Choi support conflicts' was known the divorce of two people.

Choi is married and the last six days of December 2010 Miss Korea Kim Yu-mi-born broadcaster between two people I'm with my son one person

Kim Yu-mi Choi divorce

Choi court in the course of the divorce was the end of last year, Kim Yu-mi and agreed divorce was told the last day of each month, paid one million won a month until the child is of age.

But anatneundeyo not properly paid child support since last year December

Kim Yu-mi Choi divorce

The Kim Yu-mi who has appeared named Choi to let the child support payments sent after the KakaoTalk did finally an online site to release the father's name and you do not want to give their personal support "Bad file Saunders' asking to send child support.

Kim Yu-mi Choi divorce

16Traders are one bad file name is registered with the Dodgers had paid all the child support payable 18 days.

Choi admission

1. 2017Years has paid child support since the end of the year was the divorce agreement.

2. Recent former does not have contact with her child and the situation was an emotional interview the remaining sediment was difficult.

3. Not in the situation does not meet the child also contact the support several times did not pass.

4. Amicably through consultation with regulatory authorities to support conflict, Pay all unpaid child support


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