Find a boyfriend hurt by the subsequent revelation think the whole future

Following the public grid and boyfriend hurt while this time ask the public to show their wounds are like the appearance of truth game.

I do not know anybody gender relations in the two surrounding "Why not see a person like that." Gaze to see who I'm around easily in between the honey dripping lovers

In particular, they do it more complicated if you have a problem between two people

Hopefully s meeting lovers find each other to fight the good friends I know two people to complain

When you hear a story like this would fit here's like to hear the story out there beyond this match

Most people, even one's deserved haneunge the story in favor own Then I watched the people going to grow to love two men first met in the next handeul there is a third party

The second is directed often frustrating not to anyone's way in the third position.


Ask a lot of fan base that is secured with a superb appearance as a member of the group Kara

It was the last thing on the 13th, where she started to climb in the public ipmang.

While the article entitled "Ask her boyfriend assaulted" bombard the Internet olryeotjyo once the name of a real-time query

Just look at the title of the article did ask assaulted her boyfriend? And to think I'm

But it is absurd look at reading the article just think deuldeogunyo

When the day broke, so another day over two people are continuing to expose the revelations, saying that I was right, I was right not.

Who beaten than me who hit fans handeyo discomfort is itself a star, he was a loving embroiled in this guseolsu

In particular, they seek to expose the boyfriend lived together in the house itself was a loving fans cherish the '10 Ask shock.


Even if only the initial assault "just and agreed shalt Why dips?"I used to think that

A different look at the pouring articles gatdeogunyo day it also will not be easy



As previously mentioned in the Introduction

I do not know anyone between men and women

Now obviously only georiji growl like to eat each other, two people were also gonna be when broken poured

Now, only 27 years old the day of the same age to live ahead of me lived two people far more long is

And think about the future and have to remember that there was once love


Now, if you stop to think more pokrojeon good good agreement lead to better results for both men.

10This year as her image and sought after hair stylist accumulated over the years, if not close to do that any more scratches on his image.


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