[Official position] Actress Park Eun-hye divorced married at the end of 10,011 years' struggle with differences in values’

Park Eun-hye has divorced the actor 11 years of marriage.

Agency of Albert Park Eun-hye early Entertainment preached for 14 days divorce news.

The agency is “Go their separate ways at the end was a Park Eun-hye is worrying for several hours as the difference between the values ​​together with her husband”I admit the divorce official news.

Park Eun-hye divorce

Following “Parents also called a fence eating and participate in school events with the best that I know that as a parent to the children” Innovation “Publish this history is that the new speculative articles or stories from past shows knocks politely ask that you do not hurt the families and children once again”He preached.

Park Eun-hye divorce

Park Eun-hye is haetneundeyo married April 2008, four years older businessman

After giving birth to twins, only he married three years, and became the mother of two children.

Park Eun-hye divorce

Come to Park Eun-hye delivered the divorce news As confirmed SNS indeyo have already been removed, it seemed to burden the divorce news.

Park Eun-hye is the agency “I wonder how an actor receiving the love and attention of the public frustration or disappointment to you look at this thing and I think Mr. Park Eun-hye makes himself very sorry.”Innovation was also convey the state of mind of Park Eun-hye.

Park Eun-hye divorce

The custody of the two children was that I'd have a Park Eun-hye

The sight of comfortable surroundings so you can start a new life after divorce is demanded.


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