[Fact Check] Ask 'farewell request’ Boyfriend assaulted at dawn 112 Police dispatch report

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Ask for allegedly assaulting the singer boyfriend is going to be a police investigation.

13Find one at 12:30 a.m., Gangnam-gu, Seoul Nonhyun villa has a boyfriend, Mr. A reported 112 danghaetdamyeo violence to seek.

The police were dispatched to the scene Ask insists the two sides battered, not one-sided assault.

A day boyfriend says he needs to seek the breakup was reportedly followed a fight begins.

According to the police, “There was no physical weapon, such as the situation only seems to wrangle”Said “Assault is about scratching or holding eight bits, so one has reported both assaults.” He preached.

Police will conduct an investigation sooner or later ask her boyfriend A call Mr..


So I will try to seek a fact check on her boyfriend assaulted.

First, it was to ask Mr. boyfriend has been confirmed by the case.

Also boyfriend and ask Mr. to 13 at dawn fighting each other were identified in the report as hangeotdo 112 facts

This is because the separation requirements boyfriend.


Is ask Mr. applied both one-sided assault assaulting each other in the process of fighting appears to be more investigation is needed.

The SNS, this article advocates writings and her boyfriend advocates seek becoming a war of words is going to constitute the upper wall.


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