Life bar : 88Lee Soon-jae once Poppy Flowers, Shingu, Literature Girl sonsuk, Park Jung-su hot sister

Lee Soon-jae life bar sonsuk Darling Park Jung-su plays 'longevity beat' memmeo chongchuldong

The guest of combinations that can not be easily seen in the variety program a total mobilization life bar.

Lee Soon-jae, which enjoys a popular idol that is less than the recent Poppy Flowers, Shingu Poppy and Kim Dae-jung administration times by theater actors representing sonsuk served as the Minister of Environment, Actors still want to call my sister and Park Jung-su

Life bar

Articles that 4 minutes Situated in the entertainment industry veteran actor representatives in your life bar visible at once Maybe the viewers eyes hogang.

The travelers live a long time, I think I will learn many things in life come true pub

In fact, new and old Poppy is another dream I have had, not actors

Life bar

Also sonsuk are public market in the past 19 Fri wrote literary girl that I'd scare the Shin

Showcase with glass of alcohol a person who is not an actress is expecting a very rough torque-free.

Life bar

Lee Soon-jae, Shingu, Sonsuk, Park Jung-su is've been starring together in the play "Cooper beat" by opening the last 9 days

It seemed to cum play to promote your appearance

Life bar

Theater actor in general surpassed alongside veteran actor drawn to romance-filled excitement of first love, 70-year-old plays Kang Sung-jin, Gimmingyeong, Gonghyeonju such young actors that play a cheer for their love.

Life bar

The theater 'longevity beat' You can meet in Daehakro 'uni Flex tube 1 until October 9 coming from 7 days.


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